Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wizzie Dee Exclusive

Alexander "Wizzie Dee" Wallace
Q1) You're real name, Alexander Wallace, doesn't sound Swedish. So how come you're based in Sweden?

You're completely right. My name is Alexander Wallace and it's american. I moved to Sweden at the age of six, with my parents. My grandparents descended from Sweden to America in the 40's right before world war two, and then in the 90's they decided to move back to Sweden. That's why they moved back and also how Wallace became Swedish.

Q2) Tell us a bit more about your childhood.
Yeah. As I told you I was born in The States. I lived in Miami (Lauderdale), until I turned 6 years old. After I'd turn 6 we moved to Sweden and bought a house in the northern parts of the country. It's really a big difference from Miami, especially the climate. Miami is big, hot and sunny and I moved to a small town that's called Örnsköldsvik. A life of cold and long winters and not that hot summers. As I said it's a small town and that's where I grew up. With my two parents and a younger brother twenty kilometers outside the city, by the coast in a small village with only 2000 inhabitants.

Q3) How did you come to pick the name Wizzie Dee?
Well, it's actually a nickname to my nickname. I used to be called 'Wizdom' because of my lyrics. But in the beginning of my career I realized that there was many rappers out there who were sharing the same artistic name as me. So I simply decided to change it to a more personal level and took the nickname my friends gave me. 'Wizzie Dee'.

Q4) Who do you look up to for inspiration?
Who I look up to. I don't think I look up to any living person to be perfectly honest. I get my inspiration from real life experiences. So the answer to that question would change each day.

Q5) Do you honestly feel that with the advent of people like Lady GaGa and Justin Bieber that the rap industry is slowly fading away since more and more people are taking to pop now a days?
The rap industry is not what it used to be, that's for sure. But I think that it is what you make out of it. There is some points that you'll need to understand though. People want new things, people want to leave the sound of the 90's behind (I'm talking about the big mass, love to all you old school hip hop heads out there). Therefor it's important to use your creativity in a good way. You've got to have plans, goals, and a great product. I would never drop rap and start doing pop, but I could use influences in my rap that I now works for other artists. That's how you grow the scene and make the definition of 'Hip Hop' bigger.

Q6) Apart from rapping what else do you enjoy doing?
My life is mostly about the music. It takes a great amount of time. But outside that I'm still in school and also I play football, or soccer if you prefer that. 

Q7) If you were given an option to sing a duet with any artist, who would you pick?
Sing a duet, haha. I don't really know. But if we're talking about a artist that I would like to feature a track with, it would be... Yelawolf. I think. If I could chose a person that ain't alive I would probably chose some old Swedish singer like Cornelis Vreeswijk.

Q8) Since I'm sure not many people have heard about you just yet, how do you propose to let the world know that Wizzie Dee is here to stay?
Well. By listening to my music of course. I'll release a mixtape this summer and those who takes a listen to that will understand. I'll be dropping bombs.

Q9) If you weren't  a rapper, what would you become?
I find that hard to think about. But I think that I would probably be just a 'normal' student. Music is pretty much all that I think about and has been since I was like five years old.

Q10) What advice do you have for people looking at careers in the rap industry? How difficult was it for you to get to the position you find yourself in?
My biggest advice is to be yourself, but also to be different from the big mass. Express yourself in ways that haven't been done before. I've been working for approximately 5 years to reach this level. If you talk to labels and people that have been in the music business for a long time they would say that it takes about 10 years to develop an artist. 

Q11) One thing that no one really knows about you?
That's a hard question. I'm very open about myself and my personality. I don't really know what to say.

Q12) One thing you wished no one knew about?
Nothing actually. I've got nothing to hide.

Q13) What is your favourite holiday destination/city you performed in?
I've been performing around Germany. The place I liked the most was at a sold out club in Berlin. I haven't played in The States yet but I hope to get there soon.

Q14) Do you have any plans on a tour sometime soon?
I'm planing a tour in Sweden from August to November. And after that I'm planning to work on my first real album.

Q15)  According to you, what is your favourite song that you've performed.
The favorite song is on my mixtape and it's called 'The Underdogs'. The mixtape will be released in August so you'll have to wait for it a few months.

Q16) Where can we get to download/buy your mix tapes?

It will be to downloadable from my site www.wizziedee.com

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